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Our Orange County located Pickup Rug Cleaning follows an efficient cleaning procedure to get the most dust and dirt from your Rugs making sure they remain as clean as New and helps them extending their life span. We provide Persian rug cleaning in orange county, carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning mission viejo, carpet cleaning laguna niguel, carpet cleaning newport beach and nearby areas.

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We were formed in 2007 by Rich and Mike who since then have grew the company and reached out to more customers in California. We started to serve in Irvine, Mission viejo, Newport Beach and later extended to Costa mesa, Santa ana etc. We continuously strive for best Service possible and in order to achieve that we make sure our process and equipments stay updated. Our Reputation tells how we go one step ahead to serve our customers Well. We Work 24/7 and take care of all Rug Cleaning services. Contact Pick up rug cleaning Orange County for more information.


We have over a decade of countless hours cleaning area rugs in Orange County. We specialize in tough stains on natrual fiber rugs such as, wool rugs, persian rugs, oriental rugs etc. Please take advantage of our free pick up and drop off rug cleaning service in Orange County for your convenience. We use green and eco friendly rug cleaning products in order to ensure best and safest rug cleaning for your and your loved ones.

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There are different kinds of rugs, each and one of it requires thorough cleaning process to ensure the cleanliness in your area. With our high-end cleaning materials, organic solutions and cleaning techniques. We guarantee that your place will be safe from dust, dirt, mites, pollens, dander, allergens and any other particles that are trapped in your rugs. We have various techniques to keep your rugs clean without compromising the quality. Leaving your rugs look fresh and new.

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Save money from buying new rugs, let pro rug cleaners take care of your rugs with our outstanding cleaning service. Call Pick Up Rug Cleaning Orange County today!


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