Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs brings elegance and style in your home or office. But over time it can
trap dirt, dust and other small particles which can bring health risks to people
indoors. Always remember that we spend most of our time inside our home or office,
which is why we should keep cleanliness in our place.

How Oriental Rug Cleaning is done

Most people just focus on the appearance of their rugs, but have you ever thought
the unhealthy particles that are trapped inside it? Using vacuum doesn’t guarantee
that you removed all the pollutants in your oriental rugs. In order to maintain it, you
need to do thorough cleaning process and testing to ensure the quality of your rugs
are not compromised.

What We Do?

● Testing
Oriental rugs aren’t made of the same textiles, dyes or threads. It’s unique that is
why it has to go through various tests to maintain the quality. Without testing, it can
damage your rugs such as fading colors and etc.

● Organic Solutions
We don’t just use any other cleaning products that are harmful to your oriental rugs.
Harsh chemicals can also bring unhealthy result to you and the people around you,
which is why we always choose eco friendly products to keep you away from toxic

● Thorough Cleaning Methods
We apply various cleaning techniques to maintain your oriental rugs from bacteria,
fungi, dirt, dust and etc. Our pro oriental rug cleaners are certified, knowledgeable
and has passed our high standard cleaning protocols. You can rest assure that our
expert cleaners will handle all the cleaning task properly.

● Restoration
We also offer restoration to your damaged oriental rugs. We have professionals and
specialist who will take care of your oriental rugs, making it look good as new.
Pick Up Rug Cleaning Service can make your oriental rugs fresh, clean and last
longer. Call us for a quote today!