Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rug brings elegance in your home or office. It’s one of the most popular decor that can definitely bring a lot of advantages for the owner such as comfort, warmth and stylish design. Most home and business owners nowadays, has a Persian rug in their place.

It’s definitely a great piece for anyone to have. But it should be maintained regularly to prevent you from breathing air pollutants that are trapped in your persian rug over time. These types of rug are not just made of regular fabric, it’s genuine and requires specialized cleaning method to keep it fresh and clean while maintaining its quality.

Pick Up Rug Cleaning Service have been providing cleaning services for several years now. We have top-notch and 100% guaranteed cleaning professionals who can maintain your persian rugs. Let the pro persian rug cleaners take care of everything.

Persian rug cleaning

Benefits Of Persian Rug Cleaning

  • Longer Life – with our professionals and specialists, we guarantee that your persian rugs will have longer life span. We handle everything with care, follows cleaning guidelines and applies various techniques, leaving your persian rugs fresh, clean and longer life.
  • Remove Dirt, Dust & Pollutants – we have high end cleaning materials that can effectively remove all the particles stuck in your persian rugs.
  • Remove Stains – there are different kinds of stains and every stain requires different cleaning method. Our experts are skilled in all stain removal methods.
  • Eco Friendly Solutions – we only use organic cleaning solutions to keep you and your persian rugs healthy.
  • Complete Drying – it’s essential to dry your rugs completely to avoid mold growth. We deliver your persian rugs completely dry and ready to use.

Persian rugs requires specialized and thorough cleaning process, in order to maintain it’s beauty and cleanliness. Our pro persian rug cleaners are certified, trained and applies various cleaning techniques to ensure the quality of our cleaning service. Call us today to maintain your persian rugs!