Area Rug Cleaning In Newport Beach, CA

Our Area Rug Cleaning Service in Newport Beach, CA.

We have served our carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning service in Newport Beach for well over a decade. In Newport Beach we find that many homes have beautiful and special area rugs. We work on many wool rugs and Persian rugs. Therefore, we visit Newport Beach for our area rug cleaning service several times every week.

In addition, our area rug cleaning service in Newport Beach has two options of service to


  • Area rug cleaning at your premises.
  • Pick Up Rug Cleaning service in Newport Beach.

Typically the customer has a preference for the type of rug cleaning service they wish to receive. However, in many cases we could recommend the customer if picking up the rug would offer a better solution and results, or if actually cleaning the rug at the home is the nest idea.

Area Rug Cleaning in Newport Beach In Your Home.

Most area rug cleaning we service in Newport Beach are in home service. When we offer in home area rug cleaning service, we also offer great specials that make it very affordable to keep up with the rug cleaning maintenance over time. In most cases when we service our rug cleaning in your home, we can remove many stains our of the rug, including pet stains. However, in some cases the area rugs have many deep pet stains that demand a thorough and deep cleaning with a long process that cleans the rug on both sides. In these cases we recommend our pick up rug cleaning service in Newport Beach.

Pick Up Rug Cleaning in Newport Beach.

For your convenience we offer a complimentary pick up rug cleaning service in Newport Beach, California. If you have natural fiber rugs, such as wool rug, persian rug and other types of oriental rugs, the best and deepest way to clean these area rugs are with our full process of rug cleaning in our factory. In our pick up rug cleaning service we come to your home to pick up the area rug and drop it off back at your home free of charge. You only pay for the rug cleaning.

In addition, the pick up rug cleaning servicce is more expensive due to the long process that the area rug goes through. When we pick up your area rug to our factory, we thoroughly get both sides of the rug cleaned in order to get into each fiber and remove any unwanted stains. Our special rug cleaning process and top of the line rug cleaning products have shown time again the top grade results.

Wool Rug Cleaning Newport Beach.

Wool rugs are made of natural fiber of couse (wool). Therefore, the natural fiber is much more sensitive than synthetic fibers. So, very certain type of products are allowed on wool rugs. Therefore, in many cases it is extremely difficult to work on stains that have been on the rug for a long period of time. In addition, wool rugs could get deformed if the cleaning is done with the wrong pressure and/or heat. Therefore, we recommend to use a true professional rug cleaning service for best results.

Persian Rug Cleaning Newport Beach.

Persian rugs are beautiful pieces of art. However, many of our customer also choose to enjoy the rugs. Therefore, they use the persian rugs in rooms around the house that constantly get foot traffic. So the persian rug gets more wear and stains on it over time. However, silk rugs are very delicate and the fibers could easily get damaged. Therefore, even after our cleaning sometimes foot traffic could be seen as fibers are matted. That is why we recommend periodical maintenance on your precious persian rugs.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Newport Beach.

Oriental rug cleaning could be for moroccan rugs, persian rugs, afghan rugs etc. For the most part oriental rugs are hand made of natural fibers. Some are made of wool and some are made of silk. Therefore, a professional oriental rug cleaning service is strongly advised.

Same Day Rug Cleaning In Newport Beach.

In order to offer your the best customer service we can, we also offer same day rug cleaning in Newport Beach. Therefore, if you had just experienced a staining accident on your area rug, or if you realized its time to clean it. We can be there today with our same day rug cleaning service in Newport Beach.

Rug Cleaners Near Me.

Searching for rug cleaners near me is very popular. In addition, we strongly recommend to search for a local rug cleaner in order to get best and fast service. Therefore, we offer local pick up rug cleaning for our customers. When you search for rug cleaners near me you will find many local area rug cleaning companies that offer a professional service. However, we strongly advise that you look carefully at the companies history and experience with exotic rug cleaning. That way you know when you search for local rug cleaners near me, your precious area rug is in good hands.

For more information about our same day pick up rug cleaning service in Newport Beach, please contact Pick Up Rug Cleaning Orange County.